Ginataang Manok with Gising Gising

I started  this recipe thinking of gising gising. I figured that the best partner for this dish was something fried, like fried chicken. But then, we just had that, and I wasn’t in the mood for something oily. I kinds knew how to make gising gising already, after having eaten it Lorenzo’s Way. But I wasn’t sure how it would work with some chicken in it 🙂

The beans, star of the dish supposedly
The beans, star of the dish supposedly

I started with the chicken first. I sauteed this in onion, garlic and tomatoes. I now like adding tomatoes to everything after learning some Thai recipes. I added some bagoong or fermented shrimp or fish paste. And then I cooked the chicken in that, with some salt, and a bit of water. I allowed this too cook through, and slowly added some coconut milk to the mixture until the flavor was just right. After the chicken has cooked through, I added the chopped green beans and let it cook.

In the pan
In the pan

It was fairly simple. The flavors of the soup were good. But the chicken lost its flavor with all the light flavors of the soup. Without the soup, the chicken would actually be quite bland, to be honest. But with the soup, it was good. Not a perfect dish, but good enough.  I won’t be leaving a recipe simply because I think it needs some tweaking 🙂


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