Skinless Lucban Longganisa

Mixing the meat
Mixing the meat

It was a holiday last June 12 and I decided that it was going to be a ground meat kind of day 🙂 Possibly the “lowliest of all meat” if you think of it, with random chunks thrown into the grinder. But it all started with a request from mom about having some Longganisang Lucban, or a local sausage coming from the area of Lucban, Quezon, where my dad grew up.

I have blogged about that longganisa and my many attempts at making it that I knew by heart how to make it. Just a quick trial and taste and I know already. But my mom still feels that it’s waaaay different from the store bought once. But I think not. 🙂 And either my mom missed it too much or I am actually getting better at cooking, or at least making this longganisa 🙂

Frying the sausage fingers
Frying the sausage fingers

So with a half kilo of ground pork, I added about a cup or so of boiled fatty pork which we usually use for sisig. I added a whole head of minced and smashed garlic. And all the spices also went in. A bit of paprika, a handful of salt, many turns of the pepper mill, and a lot of dashes of the oregano. I know, it’s all vague. But I have been cooking this for years. I still do have to make a little bitty patty to try it out though 🙂 And when I did, it was delicious.

Instead of putting them into the skins (which I actually do have)., I decided to just form them into fingers and fry them straight into the pan. I placed very little oil in the pan but the fat from the meat was seeping out and created its own oil to fry it in. And though they don’t look pretty, they were really yummy.

All fried up
All fried up

Skinless Lucban Longganisa Recipe

1/2 kilo ground pork
1 cup of minced fatty boiled pork (fat)
1 whole head of garlic, minced and smashed
black pepper


Mix all of the ingredients together by hand to make sure all the flavors are properly mixed together. Make into little patties or fingers then pan fry in some oil. Serve with rice.


4 thoughts on “Skinless Lucban Longganisa

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  2. I’m very sad that this blog post is so useless.😔 Most people who look online for a specific recipe are doing so because they can’t make that food themselves, or because they can’t get the right proportions on their own.

    I’m sure this recipe is great for people who have been making longganisa for a long time, but for the rest of us, it doesn’t have any useful information. It’s like if someone looked at the back of a shampoo bottle and said, “Ay sus! Kaya ko nang gumawa ng homemade Pantene! Tantiya-tantiya lang naman!”

    I’m not attacking you personally, just expressing how disappointing and saddening this page is for a homesick expat like me. My family also has many tantiya-tantiya recipes, and the ones that I have been making for a long time, I can make without measurements. But the ones that I don’t have much experience with, never come out the way my Mama or Lola makes. I miss longganisa so much, and Lucban longganisa is one of my favorites. I feel like crying now because this post makes me feel so near yet so far from having it again. Could you please re-post this recipe with quantities? I know you eyeball your quantities, but maybe you could write down the quantities as you add and subtract. I’m sure I won’t be the only homesick Pinay eternally grateful to you.

    1. Hi denise. Sorry to say i mostly do this by trial and error. I mix in a little bit, fry a spoonful to try, amd do it all over again for adjustment. I am sorry this disappoints you but you can look up other posts in here that has more exact measurements.

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