Quick Eats: Sentro 1771, Greenbelt 3, Makati

So we have been frequenting more Filipino restaurants lately and this is a good one.

Bagoong Rice
Bagoong Rice
Crispy pata
Crispy pata

It was Carlo’s birthday treat and everything on the menu sounded good. We ordered the corned beef sinigang (which is just technically sinigang made from beef), lamb adobo, the ever beloved crispy pata that is always present in our table, aligue rice, and binagoongan rice (the rice we both ended up doubling – eating a serving for 7 people).

Corned Beef sinigang
Corned Beef sinigang

The sinigang is very sour, but the flavor of the soup is always sampled by the diner, meaning us. Carlo preferred it that way. It was lip puckering sour, but I loved it 😛 It had gabi, kangkong, onions, labanos, tomatoes, and the meat. It was in a small bowl with a flame underneath that kept the soup hot throughout dinner. It was also refillable for the soup.

Lamb adobo
Lamb adobo

The crispy pata was great actually. And it was more tender than the one we had in Lorenzo’s way. The skin was as crispy, but the mean more tender. The lamb adobo wasn’t a fave of mine, though I really like lamb. I think being sick made me a bit iffy about saucy foods and tend to go for soupier and/or drier version of the other things. The bagoong rice and the aligue rice were good though. With the repeat orders, runaway hits, apparently 😛 Though I want more aligue flavor in my rice, I think that flavor was just right that I still like it being paired with sinigang.

Verdict, food is good, food is familiar. The price, I really don’t know, not seeing the bill at the end. But it is actually nice. Though I am still not that happy paying for Filipino food outside the home, it is nice to eat comfort food outside of the home. 🙂


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