Aussie Apron!

A friend of mine came from Australia recently ( different ones that gave the chocolates!) and brought me home an apron! Happy happy! It’s now some sort of tradition that she gets me cute local aprons, which I should actually do for myself, don’t I, whenever she travels. I have an apron from Italy, France and now Australia. And these are places I have never been to.

Aussie Apron! :)
Aussie Apron! 🙂

I am actually quite feeling all excited for my birthday and want to ask if there are any nice readers who want to send me a local apron from where they are? 🙂 I promise I would send something back! It  would be too cute to have a collection of something from all over the world sent in by people who read my blog 🙂 I mean, I am only one person and use one apron at a time (or not even) but it would be nice to think that these were all randomly given by strangers who will eventually become friends 🙂



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