Authentic Green Curry

How it started
How it started

When I took classes in Bangkok when we went there, I was amazed by both the seemingly complex and simple flavors of the dishes we made. And I do love my Green Curry and have made it a million times. But knowing how different it is when made authentic is just amazing.

Addition of miso paste
Addition of miso paste

So I took my tiny recipe booklet and decided to make green curry as per my sister’s suggestion. And using my wonderful wonderful mortar and pestle, I started grinding down the ingredients until it resembled a thick paste. Honestly, I was rushing and needed to cook this fast. I would have taken another 30 minutes of good pounding (on the paste, really, it sounds so naughty though hahaha) if I had the time but I didn’t. People get hungry fast in our household. 😛

Final product
Final product

So into the pan first went in the hot oil. It was followed by the paste which made the house so fragrant! I lightly fried the chicken in the paste as well and let everything simmer for 30 minutes with the addition of the coconut milk. Adjust seasoning, add in the vegetables, and ta-dah! Beautiful. Simple and good 🙂

PS. The coriander seeds aren’t used in the thai green curry recipe from my teacher chef. But I still like the flavor. Maybe will add some of it next time 🙂

Ta-dah! Not so green, maybe because of the miso
Ta-dah! Not so green, maybe because of the miso

Green Curry Recipe

1/2 cup of minced lemongrass, only the white part
1 onion, minced
1 head of garlic, peeled and pounded
1/4 teaspoon cumin
kaffir lime leaves, about 5, crumbled or chopped
3 pieces of green chili fingers
miso paste, to taste (or use shrimp paste)
dried galanggal, about 4 pieces
4 to 5 tanblespoons of oil
1 chicken, cut into small serving pieces
coconut milk from 1 coconut
oyster sauce
soy sauce
basil leaves
vegetables (used squash, string beans and eggplants)

Grind the first 7 ingredients in a mortar and pestle, or 8 if you are using fresh galanggal. Make it into a paste. In a hot pan, place the oil, then the paste and let it cook through. Usually, the chicken is added later, but since I am using chicken pieces (instead of breast fillets cubed, I am adding it earlier), add it in early. And let the flavors seep in for a while. Add in the coconut milk and let everything simmer and cook until tender. After about 30 minutes, taste. Adjust seasoning with the sugar, oyster sauce, and soy sauce if still needed. Pu in the vegetables and allow to cook, then top with the basil leaves. 🙂


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