Quick Eats: Mu Ramen Bar, Glorietta 1, Makati

Mu logo
Mu logo

I have been wanting to eat here for a while but backed out a few times. It was advertised as a noodle bar, but also had a fusion of Chinese and Japanese on the menu. And for those who have followed me for a while (like 2 of you), I am not really a big fan of fusion cuisine. But I wanted to try this place, just because 🙂

Beef tendon soup
Beef tendon soup

So I was still on a carbonara high when I tried this and ended up ordering the carbonara soba, and upon the suggestion of the waiter, we ordered the beef tendon ramen. Ara and I decided to share and split both the food so we can try both dishes.

The ramen were priced at about P300, which is cheap compared to other ramen places. But the verdict is in the flavor after all. 🙂

The beef tendon soup was quite good. Clean tasting. The addition of the tendon was good too since it added some”fat” that some people like in their meat. But the meat in itself was tender enough, that it didn’t feel dry or anything like that. It was good except for the noodles. The noodle options we had were ramen and soba. I went with ramen because I really like it. But theirs was different that it tasted gummy after a few minutes… Yuck.

Creamy carbonara soba
Creamy carbonara soba

The carbonara soba, I expected to actually be less soupy. Like more of a pasta. The dish was so creamy looking it sent shivers down my throat, in a not so good way. The addition of a fresh egg was the “carbonara” style thing they were going for. And well, the bacon too. Though it was good, it was all a bit too creamy for me. 🙂

All the bacon  underneath
All the bacon underneath

The different thing about this place is that the soups are served bubbling hot on their own teeny tiny bowls. And since I really like my food piping hot, this was good. And unlike other restaurants which discourage sharing of ramen, they served us with bowls and plates so we can share.

Hmmm. Will I go back here again? Maybe. Why not. But maybe a different dish to try and not the carbonara one. It make me just excited to make the one we did at home 🙂


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