Quick Eats: Motorino Pizza, Greenbelt 3, Makati

From our seat :)
From our seat 🙂

This is a newly opened restaurant with a sign of “DRY RUN” on its door on the night we went in. It is located on the third floor of the Greenbelt 3, replacing a restaurant, which, funnily enough, also served Italian food.

We went in to try it anyway because it was new. The menu was quite limited I think. We ordered a “salad” and some pizza, and drinks. And really, the P520 bill we had was so not worth our dishes. I was satisfied, but for that amount of money, I expected feel full.  Like full, I am the one giving up kind of full. But this was weird meat salad, and some thin slices of pizza. Heck, I could have ordered a family sized pizza with my share of the bill.

Our "salad"
Our “salad”

So maybe, the price is expensive. The pizza is okay, but the flavors of perhaps the expensive fresh mushroom wasn’t enough to make me happy. Just okay. The supposed smoked mortadella ham was good too, but I was expecting some salad with leaves and greens. I don’t know.

The place was full for something so new. The owners were on sight and assisting the many servers who were ready to serve us as well. They were actually very good on the service side. But the food left me wanting.. 😦


PS. On a side note, any one who knows where to find mustard seeds? I have been scouring the supermarket aisles here int he country and found nothing. 😦 Anybody wants to send me some? It will be welcome. I want to try making my own mustard 🙂


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