Quick Eats: Lorenzo’s Way, Greenbelt 5

Crispy pata
Crispy pata

I rarely eat Filipino food outside the home and pay for it. But this time, i wanted to try this place. Even with the ever-changing landscape of Greenbelt, there comes a time that you tried most of the food that you like, and places that you like but find a bit too expensive becomes more attractive and manageable with the price.

Gising Gising
Gising Gising

I was the one who suggested Lorenzo’s Way. It is Filipino food but touted to be one of the best locally. The price is a bit expensive for me, we came up to about P700 each, which could have gotten us a buffet in some of the restos, but we really aren’t looking to “EAT”.

Bamboo rice
Bamboo rice

Our orders consisted of crispy pata or fried pork hinds, kare-kare or a peanut beef stew, gising gising or vegetables in coconut milk, and bamboo rice. Desserts were also ordered all around. We actually have too much food on the table for me, but we were all so full and happy that no complaints were made. 🙂


My favorite things in the meal were the gising-gising and the dessert, procupine cake. I haven’t found a simple vegetable dish that made me eat it more than the meat entree. But I really loved it that I was “snacking” on it even after the meal was done 🙂 And the dessert? Well, the frozen cheesecake part was a tad too fluffy for me, since I like my cheesecake dense. But the chocolate crust was sooooo good that I ate all of that and left the filling on the plate 😛

All around, the food was great. I don’t eat kare-kare and I tried that too. Not a fan of crispy pata as well but I enjoyed a good hunk of that. 🙂 The place is more “adult” and families were eating there, along with some more older folks. The place was quiet, good for conversations. I am sure that some people found us noisy when we suddenly laughed out loud or something 🙂

But yay to good classic Filipino food. Some places to bring when people want to try Filipino dishes. 🙂


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