Semi-Authentic Carbonara

Looks like an omelette
Looks like an omelette

Ask anyone from the Philippines how they make carbonara, and it will for sure include cream somewhere. If not, at least some kind of bechamel base. I too have made the same mistake here and here as well. I have actually seen how they do this properly from TV, but was always afraid of the raw egg part. But after trying a semi raw egg carbonara in Magnum Cafe, I decided I can easily make this without fear, ala Nigella Lawson.

Up close
Up close

So without a recipe, I decided to go ahead and combine cheese and egg to what I think was the right ratio. Now, this will take some used to. I just know. I can’t explain it. 🙂  I cooked the pork before hand, I didn’t have bacon, and ended up using pork sisig that was cooked until crispy. And set these aside. I was cooking the pasta by this time as well, and immediately strained it. I started the oil, a bit of butter, and the garlic in a hot pan. Toss in the pasta and coat with oil. Once hot enough, dump the whole pasta garlic mixture into the egg cheese container and toss until the mixture becomes creamy. Meaning the egg has been cooked. Taste. It should NOT have that eggy taste. Season with black pepper and top with the crispy bits of pork. Serve hot! 🙂


PS. I refused to serve this to pregnant women, and kids. Just a precaution 🙂

Semi-authentic Carbonara Recipe

About 200 grams of pasta, newly cooked, steaming hot
2 eggs, beaten
cheese, to taste
bacon, fried and crumbled, as much as you want
olive oil

Cook the bacon, set aside. Mix the eggs and cheese, set aside and place in serving platter. Cook the pasta, set aside. Immediately start on the oil and garlic. Toss in the pasta and heat through. Make sure that the pasta is covered in oil. Once heated through, taste. It should already be slightly salted (salted, not salty). Then toss into the egg mixture. Serve immediately! 🙂


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