The Best Sisig I Have Made!!!

Raw pork
Raw pork

This would not be my first attempt at making sisig. Here is one, another version here. And the others, made by other people, well, there are more. But then, I need make it on my own 🙂

This one, I didn’t follow any directions whatsoever. Gut feel, I think the world’s greatest thing, is what I decided to make use here. Mom decided that instead of the face, we make use of the batok (nape of the neck) part of the pig. Of course, this is not readily available in other countries, or even in the Philippines, but we found it in the supermarket.

Cooking in the hot pan
Cooking in the hot pan

This was boiled with salt and pepper and finished off with a bit of calamansi at the end. I tasted the pork, and the meat was surprisingly full of collagen, like how pork hocks and thighs taste like. This was refrigerated for quite a while (it took me a while to get started cooking.

When I was ready, I had this chopped by ate Pines to little pieces, along with one whole onion. I then proceeded to render the fat out of the pork in my cast iron skillet with an addition of salt and pepper. And that process almost killed me, multiple times, with the hot oil splattering all over. FYI, the fat really comes out of the pork hence the meat comes out a bit crunchy and toasted. But the oil is insane! I got burns on my arms. Just be careful. Once it was lightly browned and crunchy, I removed most of the oil (which caused more splattering). I then added the onions and mixed until the onions were cooked. I directly added calamansi juice, and soy sauce if still needed. This would be the best time to add some spice to it as well if you want. I topped this a raw egg, and mixed it immediately off the heat, with the residual heat cooking it.

Before mixing the egg in
Before mixing the egg in

And know what? IT WAS HELLA YUMMY. I never figured out why I wasn’t able to make this before. I am sure that making this with the face or brains or liver with bring out the same result. Soooo yummy. I swear. I could eat so much of it. And my friend Ara agrees 😛

Ultimate Sisig Recipe

1/2 kilo of fatty pork, boiled in salt, pepper and a bit of calamansi and minced
for 1/2 kilo of pork, about 2 onions
salt, pepper
calamansi juice, to taste
sili, to taste
egg, optional

In cast iron skillet or nonstick pan, place the meat, and allow the fat to render and get the meat a bit crispy. Remove most of the oil and add the onions until cooked to preference. Season if needed. Add the calamansi juice, and sili, if preferred. Top with a raw egg and mix until cooked. Serve with rice!


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