Baked Camembert

Still hesitant to put honey
Still hesitant to put honey

I have read about baked brie already for a while now. But I haven’t really tried it simply because it might muddle the flavors of the baked cheese. I bought some brie and camembert on sale (buy one take one!) recently and only got the time to “bake” it now. I started with the camembert because it was nearer the expiry date than the brie. I couldn’t really taste the difference between the two (someone please enlighten me) so I figured it would all work out the same.

Instead of using the oven, I heated the toaster oven for a couple of minutes, popped in the parchment paper wrapped camembert on for about 3 minutes, and let the residual heat from the toaster heat it. Otherwise, I think it would be too soft since the toaster oven’s heat is too intense.

Smeared on the pandesal
Smeared on the pandesal

Out of the “oven” and unto the dinner table. I was afraid of pouring honey all over the entire thing and ruining the cheese. So I sliced a small wedge, drizzled the honey, and spread it on half of a toasted pandesal. And guess what? I will never eat brie or camembert the same way ever again!!!

The honey drizzled on brought out flavors I never knew existed. And it just tasted about 10 times better than just the plain cheese itself. Really really nice.

Now to get more cheese to experiment with 🙂


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