Quick Eats: Shrimp Bucket, Fort


I am always game to try new restaurants for the simple fact that there is a huge possibility of discovering something new and great. Well, except when I am feeling restaurantsick (i mean something like homesickness) or craving for a particular food. Otherwise, I think new restaurants have great food waiting to be discovered.

So there we were in Fort, quite a walk from the parking and other bigger restaurants. My friend suggested this and we were fine with it, Shrimp Bucket. The place was small, maybe 25 people in all on the second floor, and 6 more on the first floor. But on a quiet May 1 holiday, the place was almost full. So that is a great sign.

Belachan Pork Belly
Belachan Pork Belly

The menu was simple. A southern Louisiana style of shrimp serving, plus the option of the sauces. And sides. I was actually kind of busy to read the menu and let the others other. I remember we ordered the pound bag, which was actually good enough for three. The sauce was red egg sauce and it was delicious!!! Felt very sinful actually, and spooning it like soup into my mouth was glorious, but bad. Haha 🙂

The very yummy but unphotogenic shrimp
The very yummy but unphotogenic shrimp

The other stuff we had were fries, just to start the lunch with, and some corn. Then we also ordered the pork belachan rice topping for another main dish. Belachan is a Malaysian ingredient like the local bagoong or shrimp paste. The difference though is the Malay version is dry and comes in blocks, while we have it in wet version and milder tasting. It was like the local binagoongan, but with a slight taste difference because of the ingredient, and the cream sauce a bit thicker too.

But going back, the runaway hit of the lunch was the shrimp and its sauce. I could survive on the sauce alone. It was beautiful. Unhealthy, but great. Haha 🙂 I would love to recreate this little sauce at home and hope it is received as well 🙂


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