Quick Eats: Tootsie’s, Tagaytay


We were helping one of my best friends with her wedding stuff and we were going to dinner with the whole family of the bride and groom. So we tagged along and there we were at Tootsie’s. I don’t frequent Tagaytay so much that I know the places there, but glad to try something new once in a while.

Salad, a different one from the one we ordered
Salad, a different one from the one we ordered

So there at Tootsie’s, their food is mostly home-style. It’s comfort Filipino food. Our table was huge and so we ordered for our side of the table. We had some salmon sinigang, fried pork ribs, beef tenderloin and ensalada.

Salmon and the beef
Salmon and the beef

The prices, based on the menu, were about normal Manila prices. And with Tagaytay being a bit high end, I guess it does work out with the same pricing.

The food, upon service, looked okay. Nothing fabulous or different about it. Nothing I would remember much from either. But the flavors were simple and good, and it does feel a little bit familiar in general, which is what home cooking is all about. Return, maybe, but not really seek out, I think 🙂


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