Shortcut Kani Salad

Crunchy does it
Crunchy does it

I used to make california maki at home, then kani salad when I realized it was much, much easier. Shred the crab sticks, add in sliced mango and cucumber, drizzle some mayo and mix! If needed, you season a bit with salt or sugar. And it was easy. Last night though, I was really craving for some kani salad. Like really craving. It was late, I haven’t had dinner. I could have gone home and just ate the food at home, but I couldn’t. So I passed by the supermarket, bought some crabsticks and breadcrumbs and was excited to go home.

So as soon as I got home, I defrosted the crabsticks in the microwave, topped it with mayo, then topped it with crunchy breadcrumbs toasted in some sesame oil.

This might have been the simplest recipe, but the additional of sesame flavor to the breadcrumbs was really good. 🙂 Will do this again soon. 🙂


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