Thai Papaya Salad

I have to be upfront about this. This has to be the least effort I had in plating. I was on my way out, and this picture was actually one that I was just trying to taste the salad. 🙂  I just added stuff, sprinkled, then took a picture.

So going back to the papaya the other day, this was what I ended up doing. Why? Simply because it was in my Thai cookbook, and it was one dish that was all about the papaya.

I cut the papaya as shown in the initial picture last Monday, peeled, and grated it. And skinned my knuckle. It was kinda difficult to grate, and I was better of bringing out the food processor. But yeah, anyway, that deal was done when I skinned myself. No instructions were given how to treat the papaya after, but after repeated advice, the grated papaya was rinsed in hot water to remove the sap. I also grated a small jicama, to add more veggies to the mix.

For the sauce, it was very simple.  A mixture of chili, garlic, lemon, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and sugar. Almost just like the pad thai, really.  A very basic flavor base of the Thai cuisine. Then top this grated veggies with the sauce, and with crushed peanuts, and serve! 🙂

A salad bowl in hand
A salad bowl in hand

Thai Green Papaya Salad Recipe

1 papaya, peeled, grated, rinsed in hot water and strained
jicama, grated
carrots, grated

For the dressing, mix to taste the following items:

Oyster sauce
Soy sauce
Minced Chili
Minced Garlic

Optional toppings:
Crushed Peanuts
Fried shallots

Top the vegetables with the dressing, then with the optional toppings 🙂


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