Quick Eats: Black Pig, Alabang

I rarely get to eat out in the South since almost all my friends are in the Makati, and northwards anyway. So I generally tend to eat more in restaurants up north. I do have my family to eat out with, but then, the feeling to want to cook at home is more prominent when we are that near the house already.

When we were seated at the bar
When we were seated at the bar

So my friend Hiren came south just for me! Yay! And I decided that we should try this new restaurant I have been hearing about called Black Pig. It’s in the same building as Mona Lisa, which I actually haven’t gone back to. It is located in what is now called as the Commerce Center, and it has a handful of restaurants open, though the place still looks closed for business 🙂

Our starters, all complimentary
Our starters, all complimentary

The place felt cool, I love the ambiance. It was a place I can imagine staying in the whole day over lunch, snacks, surrounded by friends and family. But they do close in the afternoons or non-peak hours. But in any case, at 12:30 pm on a Sunday, with a Pacquiao fight going on, it was the only place that was full.

Sangria and water
Sangria and water

We ordered a salad, a steak sandwich, and the chicken breast with polenta. We were given complimentary bread, and a beet soup gazpacho. I love their bread, and soaking them in olive oil. Really good. The beet soup was too sour for my taste, but the little shot of it was sheer bliss 🙂

The salad arrived shortly, with a raspberry dressing and it doesn’t look like any other salad that I have had. All so pretty and varying leaves on my plate. With potato, olives, tomatoes, etc. It was fab. 🙂 And the serving was actually huge, I think.

The most photogenic salad I have ever had :)
The most photogenic salad I have ever had 🙂

The mains arrived. And everything looked so darn pretty. The chicken, which was my food, had polenta which I really, really love. I could have eaten a plateful of it. The chicken, was a bit so-so. It was good actually, but upon tasting the steak sandwich, yeah, I forgot about the chicken. Now that steak sandwich is absolutely fantastic. I loved it. And I want it on the menu permanently, since it was only a featured special. But damn it. Cooked medium, I was in heaven. 🙂 Yep, I am gonna dream about that sandwich for a while. 🙂

Hiren's sandwich, which I attacked as well :P
Hiren’s sandwich, which I attacked as well 😛

The menu was a bit limited for me, but I guess if the food is as fantastic as all the ones we got, you would be happy with whatever you order 🙂  And a great thing, we had a free sugar honeycomb for dessert. It was sweet, but just a great way to end the meal. 🙂

My pretty plate with polenta :)
My pretty plate with polenta 🙂

I want to go back here to try their other food. Looking forward! 🙂


One thought on “Quick Eats: Black Pig, Alabang

  1. Yup the steak sandwich was really good indeed, I’m glad I spotted it on the specials blackboard. Overall it was a gastronomic lunch from start to finish. Plus super happy to see they use my cookware in their kitchens. For me that was the cherry on the icing.Thanks for tagging me along Clarissa.

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