Grilled Chicken

Another recipe for my now favorite cookbook, Silver Spoon. But this one was kinda on the so-so side. Not as fabulous as the chicken ratatouille (nothing beats that, maybe the bolognese). But this can be improved I think, with sharper flavors and maybe sticking to breast pieces for the meat. 🙂

Grilling the chicken on my cast iron pan
Grilling the chicken on my cast iron pan

The recipe I adapted to local ingredients. The marinade involved limes, and I exchanged it with calamansi. Everything else followed suit though. 🙂

The flavors were lacking for me. I wanted a stronger flavor in general, But maybe I underseasoned? It just tasted like regular grilled chicken, honestly. But then, I guess that’s the spirit of Italian cooking, simple 🙂

Veggies and the chicken
Veggies and the chicken

Grilled Chicken Recipe

1/3 cup olive oil or other oil
rind of 5 to 7 calamansi, big ones
juice of the calamansi above
oregano, about 5 tablespoons
salt, enough to taste
pepper, to taste
chili flakes, to taste
5 garlic cloves, pounded and peeled
1 whole fresh chicken cut into serving pieces

Mix all of the ingredients together and allow the chicken to marinate for at least an hour. Grill in a hot pan, ensuring that all the chicken pieces cook through properly. 🙂


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