Chicken Ratatouille

20140406_181924I have learned of ratatouille mostly when the movie came out. That it had these many vegetables which I really don’t care for. You have zucchini and eggplants as the main ingredients which were, you know, ugh on my list 🙂

But spying this chicken ratatouille in the Silver Spoon cookbook (obviously my current fave), I was intrigued on how it will taste. I looked in the fridge and found many eggplants, but no zucchini. It would do for now. We had the rest of the ingredients anyway, and I knew it will work out.

The preparations were minimal. All were just hunked into cubes. I had a bit of issue with the veggies and the chicken being cooked separately, and decided to just cook them together.

I first sauteed the veggies in the olive oil just enough to cook it a bit, and seasoned this with salt and pepper. I removed it, and in the same pan, cooked the chicken, also seasoned with salt and pepper. Again, the chicken is frozen, so I added a bit of water to make sure the chicken doesn’t stick to the pan while it was thawing.

After a few minutes, I added the vegetables, and put in more water and allowed the whole thing to cook for about 40 minutes. The chicken was tender, the vegetables were mostly cooked down into a mush. And it was wonderful! I added a bit of chicken powder to round it off at the end, but it was already so good!

It reminded me a bit of the local pinakbet, but without the shrimp paste. But this was really darn good. Simple in flavors and taste, but really good for you!

Chicken Ratatouille Recipe

1 whole chicken, cut into serving pieces
3 eggplants, cubed
6 tomatoes, cubed
2 bell peppers, seeded and cubed
2 onions, peeled and quartered
water, about 1 cup

Saute the vegetables in olive oil, and season with salt and pepper. Once slightly softened, remove from the pan. Add more olive oil, then toss in the chicken, with salt  and pepper as well. Add the vegetables back to the pot. Simmer this for a good 40 minutes to an hour. Very healthy, very yummy 🙂


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