Quick Eats: Urbn Bar and Restaurant

Philly cheesesteak pizza
Philly cheesesteak pizza

We were meeting up with friends for a dinner and we decided to try this place more popular for a bar, more than anything else. 🙂 The food was reviewed to be great, so I was kinda excited.

Chicken tenders
Chicken tenders

Some people were late and we were hungry. So we ordered ahead with the bacon wrapped chicken tenders. It was served with an egg sauce/dip which was wonderful. It cut off the salty tenders and they paired well so perfectly.

Country fried steak
Country fried steak

Soon after, people trickled in and we ordered philly cheesesteak pizza, chicken fried steak, truffle pasta, and another batch of all meat pizza, and spaghetti and meatballs. We were 6 in all. The food serving was smaller than we want. We were hungry, and we finished everything off. Everything.

Lemony truffle pasta
Lemony truffle pasta

The philly cheesesteak onions were a bit too sweet for my taste. The steak had an onion powder flavor which through me off, though it was really tender. The truffle pasta had a surprisingly lemony taste, which I have never encountered before. The other pizza and pasta were all regular, but good stuff.

Generally, the place seemed fitting for a quiet dinner (before the lights go dark and the party begins), and the choices, though limited, appeared to be exceptional. We were not able to try the cheese souffle since I was afraid of it being too little portioned. But it was their specialty, and so were the burgers, which we didn’t order either because we were ordering for sharing.

We did have fun at the party afterwards, but I would like to think that some of other food are underrated since it is known for a bar, than a resto. 🙂 Maybe one more trip here would do us all good. 🙂


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