Spam Tocino, Love it or Hate it?

On the shelf
On the shelf

I have no idea how the Spam brand came up with their new flavor as tocino. I would like to claim this flavor as Filipino, but I am sure somehow it has its Spanish origin as well. But unless Spam is coming out with their own press release, it will all just be a guess.

There was a buzz about this recently, and it took about a month for the item to reach the Philippines (like all shipments coming from the US). Tocino, if you didn’t know, is a local breakfast favorite of pork marinated in sugar, salt, and preservatives, hence it becoming color pink. The meat is tender, easy to prepare on lazy mornings, and just plain yummy, for some. I have a love-hate affinity with sweet food. Love it on desserts, hate it on anything else, including my meats. So I never was a fan of tocino.

But this is a new item, and an opportunity came that I had to try it, so I did. The verdict? It does taste like tocino, but in the softer luncheon meat version. It is as red as its predecessor, even the oil coming out a bit red. But it makes a frozen/fresh/chilled food more accessible in a can. I just have the feeling this is gonna be a local hit 🙂


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