Quick Eats: Cerveseria, Greenbelt 3

The last time I went here I had bad pictures, I only had dessert and didn’t try any of the food. But this time, I did 🙂


Yummy chicken
Yummy chicken

We came in early for dinner because we had a play to watch. And also, we wanted enough time to enjoy our (my friends’, actually) wine buffet. For only P600,  you get unlimited wine based on a selection for two hours. And we were really drunk by the time we finished. Not that I am a drunkard, I had one glass of wine and then some, but yeah. But to the food for the blog. 🙂

We initially ordered some goat cheese croquettes, which at P80 apiece, was the saddest looking croquettes I have seen. So from tapas, we switched to pasta and some chicken. I have no idea what the food was but these were delicious. The pasta had tomatoes, and chorizo in it. Simple but good. The chicken had potatoes and garlic in it. Though it was tender, I really hate the breast part. But it was really good anyway. We finished everything off, just us three girls, happy with our food and our drinks.


With the bill, the food alone was about P310 per head, plus service charge and tips. Which was quite cheap, considering we ordered the expensive croquettes in the first place. With the wine, the bill upped significantly, but it was just about right. 🙂 Will want to go back here again, for the wine and for the food. 🙂


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