Nestle Extreme Mystere

Nestle Extreme Mystere
Nestle Extreme Mystere

I love ice cream and remember trying almost every new ice cream brand I passed when I was in the US. (I can imagine just trying all the gelato when I get to Italy, I do hope I win the World Nomads thing). Maybe that was the reason I gained weight in the US. Or maybe all the buffet we ate at 😛

Going back, my older sister is just as curious when trying new imported ice cream flavors that are sold in the supermarket. She bought some Bulla ice cream, and then this Nestle Extreme Mystere.

Looks like mush
Looks like mush

I have no idea what it was and just decided to follow her suggestion of flipping this into a plate and eating it like, well, ice cream. I flipped it and it was a layer of ice cream, and then sweetened nuts, and then in the center was a rich fudge of chocolate.

The description made it seem it was heaven. But honestly, it was just a little bit too sweet for my taste. I was cringing every time I took a bite of the sweet nut layer. But hey, it was still yummy. 🙂


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