Plum Pudding

Looks like a fruit cake, canned fruit cake
Looks like a fruit cake, canned fruit cak5

I have this canned thing in the pantry for as long as I can remember. It has never really interested me because… I do not know what plum pudding is. 🙂 But it is a lazy Sunday and I didn’t have anything planned anymore so I grabbed it and instructed Ate Pines, our helper, to heat it in boiling water. I was aghast to find it a few minutes later directly on the stove top. Apparently, we had a miscommunication and she ended up heating the actual can itself! Ohmy. I decided to just throw it in a plate and see if it wasn’t burned too bad and it was worth salvaging. We flipped it on a plate, and it didn’t look half bad. I am sure that this should have been juicier if it was heated properly. But it tasted a bit like a cakey fruitcake, or those huge cake boxes from Italy (or from Santi’s) that we manage to buy every Christmas.

Mom seemed to enjoy it, though I was a bit iffy with the fruitcake taste. I was expecting it to be like a sweet dessert cake, which is what it looked like in the pictures. But somebody’s happy to eat it, so it won’t go to waste 🙂


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