Quick Eats: Zaifu, Rockwell

Beef curry
Beef curry

And immediately, I would say, I cannot imagine how this restaurant has been able to keep open with this kind of food (and fixtures).

My bento box
My bento box

I was with my friends and Ara was craving Japanese so we decided to go here. I was game to try it, having never tried or recalling the restaurant ever. I asked Sjeanz, who I arrived first with, what was good. She said the only stuff she tried were the lunch sets, which were good and manageable. We ordered beef curry for Louie, beef set for me, katsudon for Sjeanz, some crispy chicken for Ara. And slowly, as they served the food all in different plates, I was beginning to feel hesitant about having chosen to eat there. The plating, and plate itself (based on Louie’s plate) looked like it can fit any carinderia (street eatery). But hey, the food should be good, right? Well, not really. My food was served in a bento box, but was extremely salty. Sjeanz katsudon was flavorless, she said. Ara was happy with her maki and chicken though. But the general impression of the place was, “This restaurant survived in Rockwell?” After all, Rockwell has a clientele mostly known for having money to spend.

The yummiest thing the whole night
The yummiest thing the whole night

Upon further checking, the place did look like a carinderia. What with the monoblock tables covered in plastic tarps. Annoyingly, the price is way too much for a carinderia looking place. But I guess it was worth trying to able to say that I won’t be going there again ever.


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