The Silver Spoon

Sample page
Sample page

You know how sometimes, you just make a beeline towards the bookshelf and a book grabs your attention? Well, that’s how I felt when my eyes landed on this book. It was a huge, thick-ass book, and heavy. About 3 inches thick, and a foot long and almost as wide, it is one of the biggest cookbooks that I had a keen interest on. And to my surprise, it was an Italian cookbook!

I have never been one to veer towards Italian cookbooks (maybe because I was very narrow minded then, hopefully not now) believing that this all just contained pasta and pizza recipes. But growing up and getting better tastes allowed to experience great food, not just the instant spaghetti sauces we usually have at home, and in fast food restaurants. I mean, with all the pasta dishes I have on this blog, I hope that it is obvious.

But going back, this book is bragged to be the best selling Italian cookbook in the past 50 years, and found (or should be found) in all Italian homes. I had two options, getting the 2007 English version, or the 2011 one. But being in a used book store, the spine of the newer version was broken, and I was weary of the possible tear this will eventually bring, like the cover completely falling off. So I got the 2007 older version and hoped for the best.

Upon going home (and lugging this book around), I decided to do a more thorough scan and was impressed. The recipes were simple, but sounded good. I also found some funny reviews how they said it is too simple to be good, but they still have to prove it wrong. And great reviews from others too. 🙂

I have the feeling we will be eating Italian soon 🙂


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