Quick Eats: Hot Star, Blue Bay Walk, Pasay

Menu while waiting outside
Menu while waiting outside

So many restaurants are sprouting up everywhere, from local restaurateurs to foreign imports. And this one, just like my recent try at Ramen Nagi, is a foreign import.

The wall :)
The wall 🙂

This famous restaurant is known for its fried chicken breast that spans 30cm long, almost as big the plate itself, and remains really juicy and yummy. And being priced at P110 for the ala carte order of chicken, it is similarly priced like all the other fast-food restaurant chains.

The drinks
The drinks

We went on a weekday lunch, since this is near our office. At 1pm, the place was still full, although granted, the place was really tiny. Inside, they can seat about maybe 30 people max, with an additional 20 outside. But with the searing sun, I doubt that the seats outside sell as well.

You have the original (which I ordered) which can be spicy, the crispy version, the barbecue version, and the crispy fish. They had a few local additions as well such as spaghetti. Then they have the sandwiches too.

Their drinks have been localized to shakes, which are almond and gulaman or combination. They have it in ice cream too 🙂


We waited about 5 minutes for the food and it was served piping hot, with a very small serving of rice (compared to the chicken). You can actually just share 1 chicken order and add one more rice. I ended up halfing my chicken and took the rest home.

The chicken, very crispy, but difficult to eat with plastic utensils, was great! It was the breast part, which I usually dislike, but it remained juicy and tender. I tried the spicy version and it was good too. I didn’t bother with the barbecue because I assumed it was sickeningly sweet. 🙂

The drink? I am not such a fan of. Good, but I would think that the ice cream would make me feel better 🙂

Go back? Sure. And half the chicken. 🙂 You can save and brag at the same time, that you got to eat for cheap, and at a Taiwanese resto at that! 🙂


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