Black Pepper Garlic Sauce

A couple of years ago, we were in China and was served some kind of sauce that I only called black pepper sauce, simply because it was full of pepper, and it is a sauce. I never found a recipe for it, but have happily discovered the wonders of black pepper as the base of a lot of things. I have used it to encrust tuna (along with some zest) and made pepper steaks because I love the flavor of black pepper.

Whole kampot peppers
Whole kampot peppers

With some take home kampot pepper from Cambodia, which is supposed to be very fragrant, I decided to base my pepper sauce with this, as opposed to using our regular black pepper. I haven’t touched my newly bought pepper since I arrived (and spilled it all over my bag and t he floor) so upon opening the container, it was sooooo fragrant. It smelled like flowers, but in a sharp black peppery way. I put some in my new mortar and pestle and pounded away. It smelled so good, I swear. The flavors were there, I just had to make it come out.

Ground kampot pepper
Ground kampot pepper

The black pepper sauce I kept landing on was the gravy like sauce in most steak houses. Since this is a familiar flavor, I decided to go with this. I knew this was going to turn awesome! 🙂

Mom ended up loving it, and so did I! There was just the right flavor and the right heat from the peppers. 🙂

Black Pepper Garlic  Sauce Recipe

1 tablespoon of black pepper, ground
1 tablespoon of butter
about 3 to 5 cloves of garlic, minced
about 1/2 cup of cream, or less
salt to taste
broth, as needed

Poured over the meat
Poured over the meat

In a pan where you cooked the meat (chicken, pork or beef – like steak), add the butter. Cook the garlic over low heat then add the pepper. Min in a bit of broth if needed, to make sure there is enough liquid in the mix. Add the cream. Taste if still necessary to add salt (broth, butter, and leftover  pan bits will add salt). Add liquid or reduce to your preferred consistency. 🙂



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