Mortar and Pestle

Rough and heavy :)
Rough and heavy 🙂

So I have been having this obsession with mortars and pestle for the past few months, trying to find the perfect one. Well not really looking for it, but hoping that it lands somewhere near and I can find it. Ours used to be a smaller stone grinder, which broke when it was dropped. I don’t know how long my mom has had that. But we also have gone through using a marble one (don’t know the history), currently using a stainless steel metal one, and also a big-ass wooden one about a food in diameter.

I recently bought a suribachi as well, because, well, it is ceramic and really cute. But after the lessons in Bali and Bangkok, I knew I had to find a perfect mortar and pestle. One that would outlast me, most probably. We were in S&R a couple of weeks ago and a stone mortar, all the heftiness of well,s tone is for sale for Php899! I got excited but found it too rough and put it back. 😦

Salt, looks like a Breaking Bad close-up shot :)
Salt, looks like a Breaking Bad close-up shot 🙂

After a week, I went back for it, but returned it to the shelf again. I was still having second thoughts.

But after a few more weeks, wherein I read a post in MarketManila about how excited Marketman is over it, I knew I had to buy it! And so I did. Finally 🙂 And after some seasoning/cleaning/etc., I was finally able to use it. And the first recipe that I made using this is…. Tom Yum Paste! 🙂


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