Quick Eats: Gusteau’s, General Santos

Though my brother lives here, I go here only about once a year. But this time, I was being hosted so off we go to Gusteau’s, a new place at a new hotel called Green Leaf. It’s pretty nice actually. Swanky for provincial city. And the food Well. 🙂

Clam soup
Clam soup

So we got this meal sponsored by the host and it was yummy. As hosts are, there were too many of everything. Too much of all the so many viands on the table. There were shrimp, crab, binagoongan, squid, kinilaw, etc. All with rice of course. The meal was so very very filling. And the crab was fatty too. But the price? The plate of shrimp was worth P350 for 4 pieces! Exag. I can just imagine how much the price of the rest are.

The expensive shrimp
The expensive shrimp
So-so squid 😛

The pictures are somewhat blurry due to the size of the table and distance from some of the dishes. But it was good food honestly. But best because I didn’t have to pay for it 😛


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