Pisang Goreng / Fried Bananas Indonesian Style

Glowing bananas
Glowing bananas

Fried banana is very easy to do. And the fact that there are common local dishes lik turon and maruya which feature frying bananas. Pisang Goreng literally translates to fried banana, and I wanted to try the packaged mix simply because their recipes make the crunchiness last longer. Looking at the ingredients, it is not wheat flour they use but rice and tapioca flour. No egg is added as well.

Up close
Up close

The batter was insanely thick. Like my rilpe saba bananas break when dipped in it. Though my bananas are thin, each banana quartered in lengths, I thought that the batter would be only as thick as tempura or the most, pancake batter. This was oozingly thick.

Funnel cakes with splenda
Funnel cakes with splenda

So each banana was dipped then fried. The coating gave the banana a bigger appearance. The crunch was indeed there, though not lasting as long as it did in Jakarta when we tried it. But they were indeed crunchy, mildly sweetened. The excess batter I made into funnel cakes since the back portion stated that if I wanted crumbs, I can splatter the batter into the pan.

The winner for this recipe :P
The winner for this recipe 😛

The funnel cakes turned out really crunchy as well, and even better than the bananas. But of course, this is just fried flour and not the healthiest thing 😛



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