Quick Eats: Chin-Ma-Ya, Jakarta, Indonesia

The resto from outside
The resto from outside

When a restaurant features “Japanese Ramen Restaurans” as its by-title, you order ramen. I ordered one of my favorites, which is the Miso Ramen, while the other people ordered the Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen, and some, rice with some kind of viand. I was a bit excited to try ramen in another land, what with the craze here in Manila.

The tokyo tonkotsu ramen
The tokyo tonkotsu ramen
Some ebi tempura
Some ebi tempura
My edemame
My edamame

When I got my order, I was sorely disappointed. The soup was lackluster, the meat too thick for an easy bite, the ramen so-so. It was on the verge of disappointment, with its saving grace being it didn’t taste bad at all. But hardly imaginative. A taste of the Tokyo Tonkotsu though was brilliant. A bit strong on the dried shitake I think, but at least it had zest, it had oomph. I was just happy with my edemame, which made up, somewhat, for the sad state of my ramen.

My sad sad soup
My sad sad soup

Another saving grace was on my way to the restroom, I discovered that the restaurant upstairs featured a more classic Japanese style of sitting, which would have amped up the feeling Japanese. But the food, nah. Not so much.


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