Quick Eats: Mang Enking, Jakarta, Indonesia

Date night?
Date night?

Eating in floating rafts seem ubiquitous  in Asian culture, or at least a couple of places I have eaten at in the past few years. Similar to the Palaisdaan in local restaurants, Mang Enkang is a restaurant on bamboo with the view of the sea, or the river in this case. Although the area is in a man-made river, it is actually beside the river.

Food! Shot 1
Food! Shot 1

We ordered a set menu good for 6 (we were 8) composed of shrimp in two preparations, chicken, quail, giant tilapias prepared in two ways, tempeh, a salad of some sort and rice. There was way too much food actually. With us forcing down some of the food. And well, it was spicy as well. The place was pretty, quiet. Good for family and dates. The food was good, but ended up being too spicy for me as well. Hayayay. Who thought my spice tolerance is too low? 😦 haha.

Same food, 2nd shot
Same food, 2nd shot

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