Quick Eats: Omakase, Molito, Alabang


I have been so used to easting Japanese food buffet style that I do not know when the last time I had a Japanese order ala carte. True that most high end restaurants of high quality cooking and food (or at least they are expensive) don’t go for the buffet hogwash, but well, there are other Japanese food places. And there is my ate’s favorite of Omakase. She always brings home food from here, but I have never tried eating here ever before.  And with a cute little koi pond in the middle of the restaurant, this is delightful.

Beef and more tempura
Beef and more tempura

We ordered tons of food in our table of four (five if you include my little niece) and we ordered about 7 dishes in all. We had the chicken on rice bowl, some shrimp tempura, mixed tempura, beef, pork, yakisoba, and my beef bento box. I have forgotten all the names already but the beef and pork were delicious! 🙂  My mistake was ordering a beef bento box which had the same beef as the one we ordered, but we finished it all anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

Beef and the noodles
Beef and the noodles

The tempura were the usual stuff for me, nothing different. The yakisoba even a little dull. But the beef and pork hooked me in. I was not able to browse the menu properly though, with my little niece calling my attentin most of the time, but not bad. We paid about P1500 for everything which is already net of my mom’s senior citizen discount. But happy to try a new restaurant! Yay!


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