Lechon Sisig

Crispy sisig
Crispy sisig

What do you do with some leftover lechon? Well there is the usual pakswi, and maybe treating it like ham. But what I did was make lechon sisig. Honestly though, I ended up removing all the flavor of the lechon by frying it to a crunch. But otherwise, it was a good try. (Hell, the lechon was really good!)

We bought some lechon cebu at the mall the other day, craving for some hunk of meat. We took it home for dinner, possibly ate half (me and mom ate half!) of 1/2 kilo pork. Some were eaten by the help, but enough was leftover for the next day’s sisig.

Sisig on my cast iron pan
Sisig on my cast iron pan

I whole onion, but there were no available peppers so I decided to add some chili flakes, went into the small casi iron pan. The diced lechon meat slowly followed after. Season with a bit of salt. The oil was coming out of th meat like a leaking faucet. It was already perfect when I strained it. The straining and pouring out the oil part added some more heat to the mix, almost burning it. It became like crispy lechon flakes instead, but with a hint of calamani, the flavors were revived.

mom found it a little bit too crunchy. But I like my sisig crunchy and not the wet sloppy kind. Preferences are different and make a happy experience for me, and frustrating one for mom. Oh well!

Lechon Sisig Recipe

1 big onion, minced
2 to 4 cloves of garlic, minced
3 to 4 green finger peppers, minced
1 cup lechon, diced
black pepper
soy sauce or salt

In a hot cast iron pan (preferably), saute the onion, garlic, and peppers until cooked. Add the lechon, and let the flavors blend together. Season with the black pepper, soy sauce and calamansi to taste. Top with egg if desired. Serve with rice!



8 thoughts on “Lechon Sisig

    1. You have been missing out if you don’t know about lechon! A whole pig roasted on a pit with crisp skin and tender meat! Unless you are vegan, which you are not 🙂 Actually, not all lechon are the same. The grandness of seeing a whole roasted pig on the table amps up the taste. But then there are really good roasted piggies out there. YUM 🙂

      1. Yikes! 🙂 There are lechon kawali, deep fried pork belly. Or maybe something like the porchetta? Not the same. Does not taste or look the same. But it’s like a distant cousin. 🙂

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