Craving for a Costco Hotdog :S

I was in the US last year and fell in love with lots of food from there, like beef, burgers, and ice cream. This explains the 10 pound weight gain I incurred while there. As they say, iba ang gawa sa US (It is different when made in the US.) One of the things I thoroughly enjoyed there was the Costco hotdog. And the onion relish, and pickle relish. I actually enjoyed the onion relish more in United Center, but I think I can buy that somehow.

Yep, there is a hotdog there somewhere
Yep, there is a hotdog there somewhere

But the nearing thing we have to Costco stuff is S&R, which is actually patterned heavily after Costco. With the look, display, and even the food. S&R pizza is not the same, but they marketed it the sameway. The hotdogs will have to suffice. They were out of the regular hotdogs so we had the all beef hotdogs. Too salty for me, but covered in onions and pickles, and a little bit of mayo, I was in hotdog heaven. 🙂

I repeated that line “Na-happy ako sa hotdog.(The hotdog made me happy.)” over and over again to my mom. This could create tons of green-minded references, I know. But you ever have a crazy craving satisfied? Yep. That’s how it feels like. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Craving for a Costco Hotdog :S

  1. I also love Costco hotdogs, they are so different from S&R’s. I think I’ve read in the news before that S&R is connected with Sam’s Club in California, a competitor of Costco. They have the same marketing concept but the products are different. I miss Costco’s hotdogs. 🙂

    1. Now I wanna grab one again. Another favorite hotdog of mine is Jolly Hotdog. But it’s a totally different experience. The relish and onion experience is all Costco for me 🙂

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