Eat Out Now! Manila and Cebu

Eat Out Now! Book
Eat Out Now! Book

That is a title of a book that has been become popular recently, and it is a gift I received from Sushee overthe holidays. It features a lot of restaurants touted as “their” favorite. On the basis of what (money, really liking the food, friendship, etc.), we don’t know. But a lot of the restaurants are new and really popular. Some are oldies and goodies. Some are actually my own favorites. With the rise of food criticism and the many incoming restaurant chains coming in to the Philippines, I have never felt such a food craze going on in the country. So this book is quite helpful, even given my doubts on its authenticity. 🙂

Pages inside
Pages inside

I have not gone through all of the areas, since it featured select areas such as Makati, Fort, Alabang and Paranaque, Quezon City, etc. It also has multiple table of contents featuring, as mentioned, the areas, the kind of cuisine (Italian, Japanese, Filipino, etc.), the kind of ambiance (date night, no frills, after hours, etc.) and other recommendations by the contributors. I have checked though those in my area, Las Pinas and Paranaque, and had to go through the Makati area for a recent lunch 🙂

More inside
More inside

Again, I say, this book is quite helpful especially for a blogger like me who rarely eats out 😛 It is dated though, with some of the restaurants in current popularity because of fads (with the test of time still untried). My favorites like Mamou, and Yushoken are here. Some other restaurants I’ve tried and wanted to try as well are there too. 🙂 Sooo yay! 🙂

Thanks Sushee!


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