Miki Noodles

Store bought :)
Store bought 🙂

I have never used miki noodles. These are like the canton, or egg noodles, but in fresh form. I am not sure why we never used this at home. The unusual taste is one, and another is that these are fresh items that is hardly regulated by FDA (mom says) since these are also sold in the wet market (though I bought these in the supermarket instead).

Noodles :) looks like spaghetti
Noodles 🙂 looks like spaghetti

So I rinsed this, boiled it to remove some of the odd taste and drained. Then I added this to some boiled pork from the night before which was just salted and had onions.


The flavors of the soup were already great. But the odd flavors of the noodles, which are also present in lomi (another kind of noodle dish) is a bit disconcerting. I don’t like it. 🙂 But it’s a good try. I would rather stick with using instant noodles for this dish 🙂


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