Tahong Chowder / Mussel Chowder

Soup and pasta
Soup and pasta

Ever since I started reading soups on the menu, I have always been fascinated with the clam chowder. But almost every order has failed to impress me, with all the shells and gritty sand in the soup.

I am not sure if I have tried to make this at home. But I am sure it won’t be as shell-y or gritty. Mom is kinda OC (obssesive compulsive) about sand as well, may it be mussels or clams, so I hav e known how to not include sand in the menu. That is when I make my vongole.

It was a lazy Sunday. I went down to make pasta for dinner (post coming op soon) and decided I wanted soup. The tahong (or mussel) was actually already on the stove, which was leftover from mom’s lulnch. And it still had so much sauce in the mixture that I decided that something with mussels would taste lovely as soup.

I was trying to make “loose” chowder, since I don’t like heavy soups. I boiled some water and potatoes, added milk, thickened it with cornstarch. Then I added the mussels and some of the sauce. Taste, add more milk, add more mussel juice, etc.

First service on the table and it was too salty!!! Because I didn’t do a final taste, and the last thing I did was add more mussel juice/sauce to it. So back into the burner with more water, and potatoes. Then into the tummies! Yummy. Not as thick as regular chowder, but withe same feeling in the mouth, with less of the yucky shells and sand.

Mussel chowder
Mussel chowder

Mussel Chowder Recipe

15 to 20 pieces of mussels and their corresponding juice
2 cups milk
a couple of tablespoons of cornstarch dissolved in some milk
3 potatoes, diced

Boil the potatoes in a bit of water (just enough to cover the potatoes. Once tender, loosely mash the potatoes. Add the milk, and then add enough cornstarch to make it to your desired consistency. Add the mussels and its juice. Allow to boil and meld the flavors together. Taste. Adjust seasoning. Serve.


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