Quick Eats: Bigg’s Diner, Batangas City


Sometimes, the pull of a new resto is just too much and you end up trying unheard of places. Sometimes with good results, sometimes with bad. This is one of those bad times.

Looks like a pizza and pasta place :)
Looks like a pizza and pasta place 🙂

So there we were, right in the middle of Batangas City, and hungry. We decided to eat at Bigg’s, just to cut short the usualness of the fast foods all over. The food was a bit odd. Not the usual diner fare I am used to. Yeah, there were eggs and hash, some bacon, etc. Even the typical fried chicken and chops. And some dessert on display. Then it just gets weirder. There’s pizza, and pasta. There is also local veggies. And ribs.

The breakfast combo
The breakfast combo
My chops with laing
My chops with laing

The food was not memorable. Though my chops were good, the platter of cheese, chicken and fries was abysmal because of the portions. And so-so for the pasta as well. Nothing worth remembering. Boooo. And to think they have in business for how many years, since 1982! But then the place filled up during lunch. So they most probably have something working. 🙂


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