Quick Eats: Modern Shanghai, Glorietta 2, Makati City


I already had set a lunch date with a good friend of mine (whom I see less often than I should) when I got this email from perx or perk something. This was a group of online advertising or something like that (maybe an event or whatever). But I got an email saying to use the coupons in Modern Shanghai, part of the Bistro Group (Italliani’s, Friday’s, Pig Out, etc.), for free meals! And yay! Happy that this was easily in the area where we were planning to eat, we decided to use the coupon. And the date turned into a cozy group of four.

Second appetizer, xiao long bau
Second appetizer, xiao long bau
Beef and beans, I think
Beef and beans, I think

They were advertising the set menus and that’s what we all ordered. We had the pork spareribs, chicken sweet and sour, and beef with scallions. They all came with some dimsum, veggies, and rice. We were 4 and we ordered three sets. At first, it appeared that the food was less than what we wanted to eat, but we were able to finish everything and heard no complaints from anyone.

Sweet and sour chicken with kangkong
Fried pork spareribs with kangkong

Comments were shared on the table, with the xiao long bau being better than other local restos. The food was generally good. Everyone was happy with the food. I loved the green beans, though they actually looked limp and sad. But I ended up scarfing those down with gusto more than anything else on the menu. Siomai, check. Beef, chicken and pork, three checks. Kangkong with garlic, check, and rice, check. 🙂

Close up of the kangkong
Close up of the kangkong

With the freebies, we ended up paying only P150 each! Yay. Though there were some problems with the coupon, with the store NOT being advised of the said promotion, they still accommodated us. So kudos to Bistro Group! 🙂


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