Asian Salad

Hardly looks appetizing, but is good!
Hardly looks appetizing, but is good!

I was in the mood again for something light that I decided to make a a noodle salad made from fried sotanghon or vermicelli. I wasnt sure what else to put in it, so I rummaged the fridge and found some items that might go along well with it. And the list were as follows:

cooked sliced carrots
fried onions
pan-fried thinly sliced chicken breast
thai/viet sugar-fish sauce-calamansi dressing

The preparations were quite lengthy, with the individual slicing and cooking. But after that, it was done. Assembly was done on the table. It didn’t look too cute, but it sure tasted good. 🙂

Asian Salad Recipe

2 to 4 teaspoons of fish sauce
2 teaspoons of sugar
juice of about 5 calamansi
water to dilute it
some chilis, if preferred

vermicelli noodles, fried
salt and peppered thinly-sliced chicken breast, pan-fried
matchstick carrots, cooked in a bit of water
2 whole onions, sliced and fried over low fire

Layer the salad starting with the noodles, then the carrots, then the onions, chicken, and more onions. Pour some of the dressing and eat! 🙂


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