Fried Cauliflower

Fried ones
Fried ones

Easily one of my favorite vegetables is cauliflower. I dunno why, but maybe the whiteness of it translates to being less bitter in general. I used to not eat vegetables. Like never. Except for carrots. But you become a bit older, grow up (I am still in denial), and mature even in tastes. But this has still remained a favorite. We usually have it at home sauteed or in chopseuy.  But after reading about this one, I cannot help but want to try it.

The cauliflower if irst steamed in a bit of water and salt and allowed to cook. Just to a tender bite stage, and not a mushy bite. Then it is coated in egg, followed by flour, then fried. Simp;e as it is, no fuss. Mine was lacking in salt, but the texture was really great. Coated with a bit crunch, but a tender inside.

20131208_173316Except for the fact that it is fried, it is very yummy and could easily make an easy, and healthy appetizer. Maybe with a little more salt, or a slightly creamier cheese dip, this would go places. 🙂


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