Quick Eats: Gerry’s Grill, Insular Life, Makati

20131126_132249I sometimes take for granted the restaurants that I have been eating it for so long, and forgetting that I have not featured them here yet, nor do I realize that most of my viewers (yeah, the two of you out there) really have no idea how familiar this really is since, well, you are not from here.

But one of these restaurants is Gerry’s Grill. This kind of restaurant I group with other restaurants that serve the same style of food (Filipino) that is like eating from home, and at the same time, gives you ambiance that it is okay to drink a beer with it 🙂

The other restaurants are Dencio’s, Pier One, Mesa Grill, etc. They have some kind of familiarity with each other even if you only have eaten in one. And the prized menu item on their list? SISIG! I have so many stories and versions of sisig here, here, here, and here that you would think it is a national dish. But a dish that comes from the face, brains, etc of a pig? AAaaah. Well.

20131126_132316I honestly do not think that all of sisigs sold here are made of innards or pig’s masks anymore. More like crunchy pork mostly. But we had two orders of that anyway. Because it was really yummy! 🙂 We also ordered laing, which is taro leaves in coconut milk, and kinilaw na sugba, meaning fish ceviche topped with grilled pork 🙂

Grub food is delicious. It is somethign familiar you eat with your family and friends. And this is one of those places.


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