Finally!!! Made my own Tempeh!

Looks like nougat
Looks like nougat

It was hardly a struggle. I just needed to get my hands on some tempeh starter. And finally. Finally, I have some good tempeh. And yes, even my mom liked it. Thank you to for the trial batch. And this one turned out as perfect as I remember it being.

I followed their directions to a T, and my advantage of living in a tropical country right beside Indonesia means I can just leave the tempeh to ferment at room temperature! Now isn’t that amazing? 🙂

And look how pretty it turned out to be! I tactually looks like nougat! 🙂

Still looks like nougat
Still looks like nougat

BUT YUUUUUM. I still have half of the starter from my trial batch, and am excited to make more 🙂

I prepared it the simplest way, by frying it! 🙂



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