How to (TRY to) Make Tempeh

My free starter and my beans
My free starter and my beans

Because of this website that advertises free tempeh starter (you just have to pay for shipping), I ended up trying to make my own tempeh the other day. Try because I don’t know if it would actually result into yummy tempeh (or even tempeh at all). But I had soybeans from the last batch of soymilk, which I shall never be doing again. I was thinking of making soy nuts but since I have an ongoing love affair with tempeh, might as well try it, especially since the started just recently arrived.

Cleaned, boiled and dried
Cleaned, boiled and dried

I followed the instructiosn on the site. Overnight soak of 500grams of dried soybeans. Removing the skin. Boiling for 30 minutes in water with vinegar. Drying. Tossing with the starter. And the long wait. 🙂 Soooooo, I will let you know in a couple of days how this turns out! 🙂

Ready for fermenting
Ready for fermenting

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