Nestle Swiss Chocolate Brut

Looks pretty
Looks pretty

We were in a duty free shop recently (in Clark) and had 15 minutes at our disposal. I could have stayed there for an hour contemplating costs and looking at other cutesy stuff I can purchase. But instead, I went straight to the chocolates. I grabbed this one because it was on sale, and it was bound to taste good. I grabbed hazelnut, dark, and fruit and nut.

Are those the Swiss Alps?
Are those the Swiss Alps?

This is good actually, though I still preffered the creamy milk taste of Milka, created by Kraft. But this was a nice way to try a kind of chocolate that we rarely get to see. But the thing is, it is labeled as Chocolate Brut, or dark chocolate. It doesn’t feel that dark, unless maybe that’s why I am missing the milky taste. But then, this is good anyway. If this is already dark, I cannot wait to try the really dark, dark chocolate 🙂


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