Quick Eats: C’ Panizzas and Pasta


I ate once here before, but in a different branch. This one is much, much smaller. This could have fitted a maximum of 40 people, compared to their other branch whichc could hav e seated 100 from what I recall, which I think is being renovated. In an out of the area place, located along one of the main highways in Clark, was C’. Instead of being advertised as C’ Italia, it is advertised as C’ Panizzas and Pasta.

Bread, pesto and olive oil
Bread, pesto and olive oil

We were a big group and had the place closed down for us. We had endless servings of panizzas, huge serving of pasta, had salmon, sliced steak, rand ribs. The food was plentiful. Really. And good too. I found everything yummy. I can’t just imagne how much all of this cost. I don’t even want to imagine. 🙂


Some pictures were blurry hence I only have a handful. Apologies.

More apologies, I know I can go on and rave about the beautiful meal I was having then, but it was a work day and I was surrounded by people by whom I should just be polite and thankful to. So, it’s great food. I wish I could hav eaten more in leiusre 🙂



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