Quick Eats: Lugang Cafe, SM Mall of Asia

In Lugang :)
In Lugang ūüôā

It has been a while since I last had some xiao long bao, and when my cousin and I spent a day of relaxation (spa, haircut, the works), we got a chance to try this place. Well, she has eaten here before, and I haven’t. But our food options were those that she has never tried, but those that I have tried elsewhere.

My looooove
My looooove

We ordered xiao long bao, oyster omellete, Taiwanese sausage fried rice, and some mixed fresh fruit shaved ice. We were exceptionally hungry, eating way past our lunch hour, and the only way I stopped myself from attacking the dumplings was ¬†politeness and manners. The xiao long bao was actually excellent. It had a hint of ginger in the broth, but the flavors were much better than those from Shi Lin. (I really can’t compare it to the time we ate in Singapore, too long ago.)

Oyster omellete
Oyster omellete

The oyster omellete was good too, though it differed from what I’m used to since it had some kind of sticky filling (sticky rice?) inside. It had bean sprouts as well, which I dislike, but didin’t mind eating this time.

The rice was disappointing based on looks. The picture had bigger sizes of sausages and these looked tiny. But good. But you know how it is, pictures lie.

The shaved ice was actually good. Though maybe I would have preferred if we got the mangoes only, than mixed fruits since some of the fruist were exceptionally sour, like kiwi and pineapple. But good.

Shaved ice dessert
Shaved ice dessert

Our bill totalled to P1100, and that was a bit expensive for ¬†two people. But given that we didn’t finish any of our dishes, I am assuming ¬†that our orders were good for three ¬†to four people, so it would end up cheaper per head. But damn those xiao long bao, they made this worth it.


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