Calamansi-Black Pepper Crusted Tuna

Raw tuna
Raw tuna

I rarely work with fresh tuna. And that’s such an opportunity since my brother comes from the city where tuna is abundant, in Gensan. Remember my fishing port trip? That one. Usually, I’m happy with eating tuna from the can, with all of its fake flavors and hard fleshy meat. But we took home some tuna from our last trip and I have worked with some of it with the tuna kinilaw (disaster) and the ground tuna for breakfast. I have almost forgotten about these until I saw them in the freezer. I know, I know. It has been months. But then if properly frozen, they keep well. Most recommend not going over a month in the freezer for anything. But then, yeah, well, too late.

In the hot pan
In the hot pan

One thing I had going against me is that mom HATES tuna. She said it before and she still does. I have eaten tough tuna s well, and that makes me cringe. But There were two loings, good enough for sashimi, and I wasn’t going to waste that.

I know I wanted something with a black pepper crust, and it was after a couple of recipes that I saw the lime-black pepper crusted tuna. It was perfect! We had an abundance of calamansi, which I used instead. And my pepper mill has just been filled with whole dried black pepper. 🙂 Very easy.

And know what else is great? Mom liked it! 🙂

PS. I know I will shame people when they see the picture and no red is left in the center. Just a very slight hint on one of those, and that was accdiental. I think I am not ready yet to eat a rare tuna at home, especially on that has been sitting in the freezer for some time. Maybe nest time. 🙂

Tuna :)
Tuna 🙂

Calamansi-Black Pepper Crusted Tuna Recipe

2 tuna loins, about 150 to 200 grams each.
rinds of 5 calamansi, grated
about 1 teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper

Mix the rind, black pepper and salt. Taste. The flavors should be well balanced. Wash and dry the tuna. Coat with some oil, and roll in the crust. In a hot cast iron pan, sear on all sides, I took about 1 minute each side and it turned out well done (which was fine by me) but still tenderand moist. Slice best you can, and serve. You can serve this with a side of calamansi juice, but not necessary. 🙂


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