Burnt Brie

Melted :)
Melted 🙂

When I was in the hospital, I left a chunk of brie that I was eating in the fridge. I was not in the mood to get back into eating creamy cheeses immediately. Sadly, the hunk of creamy brie became a hard chewy piece of ugly. I wanted it to get back some of its old texture back by melting it. So I popped this in the toaster and let it toast slowly…


And after about 4 minutes, ta-dah! The rind was a crispy skin, a bit toasted. The cheese though, was, uh, buttery. I know I know, high fat cheeses are technically cream, and butter is churned from cream. But once the hardened brie started melting, it melted all the butter away. Like oozing, yellow (smelly) butter. I still wanted to eat the cheese, so I squeezed off the butter with my fingers, and mopped up the rest with some napkins. A mouthful of it and I wanted to gag. It was the butter being squeezed out still by my teeth that was making me want to throw it up. So I chucked the rest out, along with the smelly butter, and promised myself not to attempt that ever again. :s


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